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About Cybin Beauty


Cybin Beauty is focused on creating all natural products that actually work. From seed to sale we work closely on every step to ensure the highest quality of products. And strive to offer affordable products, for everyone. 

Hair Styling

About Jessica 

Cybin Beauty CEO, Jessica Baird, has been in the beauty industry for over 12 years. In 2015, her passion of education would lead her to start a beauty blog and corporately work with an award winning eyelash extension company. Working with beauty industry leaders and experts, to learn the secrets of industry by asking the right questions.

Leading her to what she calls, the TRIFECTA OF KNOWLEDGE: 

  1. learning the science and safety of product ingredients

  2. studying the strategies of industry and competitor research to develop

  3. understanding honest marketing and customer education

During the 2020 pandemic, Jessica started looking for a more natural and holistic lifestyle for herself and her daughter.  

Jessica had been on a variety of prescriptions (over almost 2 decades) for: ADD, anxiety and depression.  And wanted to aid her body as she physically started to feel natural aging and past injuries catching up.

Jessica's daughter also had a diagnosis of ADHD and anxiety at a young age. After a car accident resulting in a hospitalization, her daughter had many mental and physical injuries with long term affects, including:

  • a traumatic brain injury resulting in agitated anxiety, sudden anger issues and other personality changes

  • long term muscle pain and inflammation from physical injuries

After noticing personality changes from side effects and limitations from the suggested medical prescriptions in a young child- Jessica wanted to find alternative ways to also improve her daughters life long term. 

Jessica had always been an advocate regarding safe cannabis consumption and started looking into the medical benefits after cannabis became legal in Michigan. Leading her to be introduced to CBD (and other cannabinoids) and learn how it was helping people physically and mentally, when safely used.  Leading Jessica to also think about how to offer CBD could benefit the beauty industry- without all the unnecessary chemicals often found in many cosmetic and beauty products. 

In 2021, Jessica started working with hemp experts, cannabis users, beauty experts, salon clients and medical professionals to collect as much information related to CBD and how to help end the negative stigma and introduce it's benefits to the beauty industry.

About Cybin Beauty

After learning about CBD and testing a variety of CBD products- Jessica quickly realized the differences of quality in CBD products on the market. Noticing the amount of misinformation and false marketing of the industry, Jessica knew that there was credible information and quality CBD out there. It just had to be found. Leading her to start working with hemp experts, cannabis users and medical professionals to collect as much information related to CBD. To help educate herself and others about hemps possible benefits, learn the ins and outs of the cannabis industry and help end the negative stigma surrounding cannabis. To help change people's lives with the gifts from nature. 


Jessica began to think about how CBD could potentially mix with her passion of the beauty industry. With her knowledge and experience from the beauty industry, she noticed a common issue with CBD products for beauty professionals and customers.

While companies were launching CBD products, Jessica noticed that those products were usually pulled quickly from sale. Or the company would end up closing. Whether it was due to misinformation/false claims, not meeting federal regulations or poor quality leading to a poor reputation- there was one thing that Jessica noticed. 

The products were missing quality CBD/ingredients, specifically when it came to full spectrum. And proper education/understanding was missing from the brands selling them. 

In 2021, Jessica continued  working with her cannabis and medical industry network- but brought in beauty experts and salon clients to collect information and opinions to start strategizing how to launch the CBD line, the beauty industry needed.

From the planting of ingredients to manufacturing production to purchase delivery, Jessica worked to create the perfect experience for anyone (rookie or veteran) to feel the maximum benefits of using CBD.

Leading to the creation of Cybin Beauty. 

Image by Jeff W
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