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Welcome to Cybin Beauty

We believe in HIGH STANDARDS when it comes to creating our all natural, handmade products. Allow us to introduce you to a new HAPPY LIFESTYLE with high quality, full spectrum CBD infused products.

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Cybin Beauty was created by a duo of beauty and hemp industry experts. With over 15+ years experience each, in their respective fields.

With a goal to educate our audience; and create the best products using all natural ingredients (organic when available) to create higher standards among the CBD and beauty community.

Check out other ways Cybin Beauty stands out below:



Cybin Beauty works closely with suppliers from seed to sale- to ensure that we provide customers with accurate, all-natural and safe full spectrum products. Including following the 2018 Farm Bill limits of full spectrum products of less than .3% THC. 


Although many companies choose to use isolate in their products- this is known to increase the amount of hemp within their products, but only dilutes the rest of the extracted parts of the hemp plant. Other companies choose to go the broad spectrum route- which prevents customers from possible benefits of the "entourage effect". Preventing customers from maximum benefits.

Cybin Beauty is committed to the full spectrum extraction process. This allows us to incorporate those important phytocannabinoids and terpenes needed. Which means we find the highest quality hybrid hemp with all those little details that matter- and our customers can tell the difference.

Dollar Bills


Cybin Beauty believes in creating products that are affordable to our consumers because we want everyone to experience the benefits of using full spectrum cbd products. We also strive to provide customers with the natural luxury we all crave when using beauty products. 

By creating relationships and being selective on our partnerships exclusively from the seed to sale, we are able to cut out expenses to provide affordable products that our customers still can feel the luxury and quality. 

Cybin Beauty works with reputable distributors located in the United States to ensure we provide the best possible products to customers. Beyond providing affordable luxury, we pride ourselves on supporting US based small businesses as we grow Cybin Beauty.

What Customers Are Saying About Us

Cybin Beauty prides our company on collecting testimonials, organically, from our past and present customers.

So I have to tell you, I've had skin irritation so bad on my hand for over a month. I've tried triple antibiotics, bacitracin, bandaids... nothing works. My hands were raw dry and cracked. I used the Skin Balm 2 times and it's almost healed! I can't believe it, I will be buying this for gifts for everyone.


After a fall last winter I was taking the Beauty Oil orally and applying the Skin Balm daily. As an elderly woman, I could not believe how quickly the bruises and pain went away. I highly reccomend everyone have these products on hand at all times.


Cybin Beauty Skin Balm is the best skincare product I have came across with the number of benefits I get. I use it as a makeup primer, after I remove my makeup for hydration, healing sunburns, as an after shave, on breakouts and all over my dry skin during the winter months. Definetly a product everyone can find a use for. Very thankful I have found this gem.


Tractor Wheels

Want To Work With Us?

  • Want to carry our products in your business? We are currently accepting and negotiating sales territories with small businesses looking to bring in CBD product options. Please email: for more information.

  • Are you a current licensed hemp grower looking to extract  the cannabinoids of your plants into oil?   And possibly be a part of our business network community? Please email: for more information. 

  • Are you a US based natural ingredient distributor who believes you have the highest quality ingredients? And think we should be using them in our products? Please email: for more information.


Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply from our team members.

Opportunities Available!


Disclaimers + Warnings

All statements made by Cybin Beauty LLC are not meant to be taken as medical advice.

Always advise with your doctor and complete your own research before incorporating cbd products into your current regimen. Cybin Beauty does not guarantee the accuracy of the information listed on this website.

Please read our legal statements, warnings and disclaimers page prior to purchasing Cybin Beauty products.

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